Techie Business

 In the last 15 years, the cell phone has absolutely conquered our culture. It’s true! We can’t go anywhere without our phones. Without our cell phones, we wouldn’t know what time it is, be able to solve a math question, know a single phone number, know the date, have an alarm, find our way in the dark, be able to entertain ourselves in traffic, the doctors office, the DMV, the zoo, or even at the dinner table during boring conversations. Can you even remember the world before there was an “app” for that?

Technology, phones, email…we go to all of these different portals to receive info and entertainment from multiple technologies. Isn’t it exhausting?  Mind you, I do have an iPhone. Yes, the iPhone. Because once you go Mac, you never go back. I don’t know how I would even begin to function without my phone. I remember one Sunday I left it at home and, honestly, I felt naked all day. And then when I got home, I had a million notifications and missed calls.

Have you ever stopped to wonder how people entertained themselves before all of this? Before TV, movies, phones, internet, apps… I find myself wondering how they didn’t go insane with boredom. I’ve come to the conclusion that they entertained themselves by talking to each other.

 WHAT????!?!?!?!?!?! You mean face to face? Without a keyboard and/or touch screen???? Oh the humanity!

Ok but seriously, all drama aside, it’s true. How much do we actually talk to each other anymore? Take our young generation, for example. Yes, they may be technologically savvier than previous generations, but they are socially illiterate when it comes to common courtesy and manners. Not even manners! They have a hard time even carrying on a conversation, let alone punctuating one!

And think about the effect that technology has on our families. How easy is it for us to plunk our kids down in front of the TV? Or to have the TV on while eating dinner as a family. Or to wind down at the end of the day checking Twitter and Facebook instead of connecting with our spouse. Yes, it’s easy. But we aren’t called to live the easy life.

We’re called to something more. As Christians, our goal is not to keep up with the culture, but rather to inspire it to be something more. It starts with us. Technology is absolutely essential in this day and age. But we can’t let it come between us and people. After all, that’s who we’re called to reach, right?

So here’s my challenge to you. Yes, you. Reading this blog, no doubt, on your laptop, phone, or smart tablet. Take the time to shut it down and just talk. As questions. Get in peoples’ lives. Make them feel important. I promise, it’s a lot more fulfilling.

xoxo ~ Lacie


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