The Joy of the Lord

Hi Ladies!  I’m Felicia, a remarried mom of two grown sons, a wife, mother-in-law, daughter, sister and friend.  After years of regretting a past I couldn’t change, I’m experiencing the freedom of forgiveness and trusting the future God has for me.

Yet sometimes I find myself taking my eyes off God’s ability and dwelling on my own inabilities. I grow weary waiting on God for answers He hasn’t revealed yet.  I revert back to the ‘logic’ in my head rather than staying focused on the knowledge in my heart.  Trying to do God’s job quickly exhausts me and I begin to feel weak, get frustrated, disappointed, worn out.  I forget for a while that “The joy of the Lord is my strength.”  (Nehemiah 8:10).  Ever feel that way too?

Whenever we go there, it doesn’t take the enemy long to turn our circumstances into justifications for feeling overwhelmed and helpless, in the pleading state rather than kneeling and believing state.  Every time our focus shifts from God’s will to our flesh, we give up our joy.

What even is ‘joy’?  In the world, it’s a wonderful emotion associated with everything going great, with met desires and happiness.  But if that’s all joy is, what do we have when we have issues going on?  When kids make poor choices, men or friends frustrate us, bodies get sick, parents age, jobs change and we don’t “feel” so great?  How can we experience joy then?  What keeps us strong then?

God gave us this verse after His people finally understood what they’d been taught. The moment we understand His word, we return to the peace of knowing God’s got it all covered.   If we’ve been struggling with something in our own strength, it no longer overwhelms us.  If we’ve felt defeated, we have a refound sense of victory (or strength) in Jesus. The joy of the Lord isn’t an emotion we feel at all – it’s a powerful fruit of the Spirit that God’s given us! (Galatians 5:22).  We must nurture and release it into our lives.

The “joy of the Lord” is found in remembering God no matter what we’re facing that might not make us “happy”.  Strength doesn’t come from our abilities – it comes from the joy of the realization of who God is!  When we understand His word, our struggles fail to weaken us because we know they can’t and won’t defeat us.  John 16:33 – “in this world you will have trouble” but (again) God says to rejoice!  Joy and true strength, no matter what we face, are found only in Christ!   When we focus on Him and on blessing others; when we remember that this day, yes this day full of whatever it’s full of, is holy to God, the Bible says the joy of the Lord is our strength!

Satan deceives us into thinking there has to be more to it, but God wants to remind us that joy comes when we function in His will and align ourselves to understand what He says rather than entertain the lies the enemy puts into our thoughts.

Today is a holy day.  Let’s worship God, bless others, and experience the joy of the Lord which is our strength!

xoxo ~ Felicia


One thought on “The Joy of the Lord

  1. Terri Schneider says:

    Amen, Amen, Amen!! Right on and Glory to God! Thank you for that as we need to be reminded of this truth when life gets going. Yes, God is our strength and I only want the joy from Him not from circumstances from this life. Thank you for sharing this as it brought joy to my spirit.

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