Despo 2k12

This past week, our church sent 71 high school and college students to Desperation 2012 in Colorado Springs. We had an absolute blast! From the 17 million hour van ride to the conference itself, relationships were being built and God was moving.

The theme of this year’s conference seemed simple, All to Him. Oh ya, that’s good, give Him everything. The further we got into the conference, the more I came to realize how difficult giving everything is. Night after night, session after session, our students responded as amazing speakers poured out their hearts about what God wanted to do in our student’s lives. It was inspiring to see them respond with such passion, but it got me thinking. Have I given All to Him?

Have I truly laid everything down at his feet: insecurities, emotions, agendas, goals, visions, dreams, passions…are they all there? Or am I hanging onto them thinking that somehow I can manage them better than the God of the universe? Our students made the first step this past week to give Him everything and I’m committed to do the same.

So take this post for what you will: inspiration, a cute story about some kids at camp, or maybe as God talking to you to give Him everything. But whatever you take from this, know that God is crazy in love with you!

Also, enjoy these pictures from our trip!



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