No Shades No Magic

Today’s post is a little different. Some may scoff or even get angry with me, but I have to share the burden God has given me. I am a woman ~ a wife, a mother, a friend, a daughter, like many of you. Most importantly, I am a Christian, a daughter of the King. I’m sharing today not for condemnation, but for perspective.

There’s an alarming new trend out there (in the world) that seems to be sucking in God’s girls. What is it? Mommy Porn. In actuality, the content isn’t new (erotica in books has been around a long time in cheap romance novels), but the term is, and so is the immense popularity. In the world, (sadly) that’s to be expected. But I was shocked to see how many Christian women are falling, or even diving, into it!

Currently there are two reasons Mommy Porn is doing so well. The first reason is a three book series called, “Fifty Shades” (of Grey, Darker, and Freed respectively). It’s an erotica series involving bondage, control, discipline, sadism and masochism. It’s about sexual dominance and submissiveness. The second reason is the movie “Magic Mike,” a movie about a male stripper who teaches a younger stripper how to party, pick up women and make easy money.

It’s easy to see what the allure is from a worldly perspective. They feature attractive men, with power, and bad-boy personalities.

However, a worldly perspective is detrimental to a Christian ~ it can be dangerous even. The Bible tells us to guard our heart, renew our mind, and sheild our eyes from lust. Not for the sake of controlling us, but protecting us! We should always try to have an eternal perspective, because whether we like it or not, we’re in a battle for our place in eternity.

There is a very real enemy out there who wants to destroy God’s children. He is a thief who comes to kill, steal and destroy ~ our families, our lives, our spirits. And he doesn’t fight fair. He fights to win. Our best defense is to not even give him a foothold! Mommy Porn is not a harmless, little, guilty pleasure. It is enshrouded with the power of darkness.

Yes, that stuff is in the world, and no, we can’t control the world. But we can control ourselves. Remember, we are in the world, not of the world. And the choices we make either lead to life or lead to death. God wants us to be whole, to have strong families, and to have pure hearts for our sakes, not his.

Ladies, we’re better than this. We’re God’s girls, daughters of the King ~ and He adores us! Let’s choose to focus on things that are life giving, not destructive.

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. (Philippians 4:8)



2 thoughts on “No Shades No Magic

  1. Karen says:

    This is a right on the money. I was convicted of this several years ago and have stopped reading anything outside of Christian literature because I found the language and the sex were detrimental to my thought life as well as unnecessary to most stories. Thank you for taking this stand.

  2. Terri Schneider says:

    Well said Tracy, God’s lovely princess! Thank you for this post. As God’s children, walking with Him and knowing His Word, is is plain to see how disturbing the world tries to make light of such darkness. I like how you remind us that we live in this world and not of this world.

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