See Gracie Run

We’ve asked Heather Peterson to guest spot on the blog today. Heather has such a sweet spirit and a kind heart. She has been put in some difficult situations in her life involving her kids. The most recent is what she’s had to walk through with her daughter, Gracie.


 On October 29, our daughter Gracie was born. After her delivery, we were told her right foot was missing 2 toes. She was later diagnosed with a condition called Fibular Hemimelia. The fibula bone in her right leg is shorter and the tibia bone is bowed, along with ankle and foot problems. This is a very rare condition, so most hospitals on the west coast have a preference towards amputation. We immediately knew that was not what God wanted for Gracie, so after some research, we found an amazing hospital in Baltimore that lengthens the leg, (Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics).

Gracie will undergo 2-3 surgeries starting in March to reconstruct her ankle and straighten her tibia. If there are no complications, this will require 3-4 trips to Baltimore.  We will need to remain there for 2 weeks and she will have intensive therapy after. She will have an external fixator with 15-25 pins on for 8-12 weeks. (Think halo, but bigger and on her leg/ankle). Between 7-9 years old she will begin her first leg lengthening.   Again, if there are no complications, this will consist of 4-6 surgeries and 3-4 months in Baltimore per lengthening.  She will need 1, possibly 2 lengthenings. The length difference between her legs now is 1″.  If we did nothing, at full growth would be 6″.   God has blessed us with a huge support system, and quite possibly the most beautiful, strong willed baby girl EVER!  However, it is beyond heartbreaking to know what she’ll be facing at 17 months old.

We have HUGE financial needs for this journey.  Recently, we were informed that with the fixators she will have in all of her surgeries, her leg needs to be elevated in the car.  That means we need a minivan to accommodate her and our son Landry safely.  Once we return, her pins will need to be cleaned 3x a day; she will be in a wheel chair, walker and then braces.  We need provision for ALL of these items, plus our time off work, medical and travel costs. We have started a blog at where we give updates on Gracie and post prayer requests.  We are also working on fundraising. Donations for Gracie can be made thru PayPal on the blog, to Bank of America account #457020662424 , under Robert/Heather Peterson, or you can contact us personally at

There aren’t words to describe the emotions we go thru, and the roller coaster ride we are on with this journey.  That being said, on two different occasions it has been prophesied that Gracie will not only run, but be a RUNNER!!!!  So we are putting on the armor of God, and fighting for our daughter and our family.  Please be keeping her, our son, Landry, and our family in your prayers as we travel this road.   We know our God is stronger than our circumstances and He has not left our side! He will bring peace, strength and provision!

Thank you!

Robert, Heather, Landry & Gracie Peterson



2 thoughts on “See Gracie Run

  1. Baillee Patton says:

    Doing the Phoenix Children’s Ignite Hope walk . && I wanted to let you know Aunt Heather I’m walking for Gracie ❤

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