I have the awesome opportunity to attend Life Christian University. My church, Life Link, hosts an extension campus in the Chandler/Gilbert area. It’s really the coolest thing to be taught by pastors from my church! (shameless plug alert: If this is at all interesting to you, click here for more information)

Anyways, last week I was working on a homework assignment, which consisted of reading the book of Ephesians. Btdubs (by the way) if you haven’t spent any time in Ephesians, do it! I was amazed at how much God spoke to me through reading.

So, like I said, Ephesians. I was reading in chapter 5, which deals with how we, as children of Christ, should live. As I read verse 1, it literally smacked me in the face. Well, not literally. I mean, yes the Word is alive, but I’m pretty sure it can’t do that.

“Imitate God, therefore, in everything you do, because you are his dear children.” Ephesians 5:1

Imitate: to follow or endeavor to follow by example.

When I read this scripture, a precious picture came to mind. Every little kid, to some degree, wants their dad’s attention. I remember times when I wanted my dad’s attention so much when he came home from work. I would grab his face in my little hands and just talk to him. He would leave his shoes by the door and I, obviously, would slip my tiny feet into them and prance around the house. I wanted him to see me, and he did. I wanted to be like him.

This is how we, as God’s kids, should be. We should put on his shoes, grab his dress shirt, spray on his cologne, and attempt to tie his tie around our necks. There’s no way we can ever be him-we can’t come close. But, just like little kids want to be just like their daddy’s, we should desire to be just like our Daddy.

So ladies, I encourage you this week. Grab ahold of God’s face with your little hands and talk to him, because“…you are his dear children.”


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