Black is whack!

 Aahh, the dreaded work uniform. In my case its required that we wear all black so that our accessories can really stand out. At first I thought this will make my life so much easier not to have to coordinate outfits with shoes and accessories. I could just throw on a black top and maybe a black skirt and head to work. This was definitely going to shave off some time getting ready. Pretty soon the excitement wore off and I was in a really dark place. Literally. My closet was being taken over by black! I had almost forgotten how to shop for anything else. I had gotten so used to shopping for bright, fun accessories I had completely overlooked the need for color in my wardrobe. At one point I even started to adopt the mindset that if I can’t wear it to work then I shouldn’t buy it.

One day as I was trying to get all dressed up to go on a date with my husband I was so frustrated and felt like I had nothing to wear. I almost didn’t even want to go! So I made a promise to myself to branch out and buy something with some color! The next day when I got off work I browsed around the store and found this really cute maxi style dress. Normally I am not a huge fan of maxi’s because most of them are just too revealing, but this one was not too low cut and had short sleeves. I decided to try it on and immediately fell in love! It was a very nice and a much needed change. From that day on I tried to buy at least one piece of clothing (whenever the budget allowed) with color or a bright fun pattern. Slowly but surely I will take my closet out of the darkness and into the light, bright, fun, world of color. So here’s a piece of friendly advice to any ladies out there who are forced to wear boring uniforms or have strict dress codes for work: don’t forget that you need clothes for everyday life too (and the occasional special date). And if you have gotten into a habit of shopping a certain way (all black in my case) break the habit by forcing yourself to do the opposite. If you are really reluctant, start out small with maybe a colorful scarf or t-shirt. Then, just go from there!



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