Light Bulb

I walked into by bathroom one day and flicked on the lights. Instantly I noticed there was something different in the room so I began to look around to find what was “off”.  It didn’t take me long to realize that one of the four light bulbs above my mirror had burnt out.  Bummer, but no big deal.

Life went on until, a few weeks later, the same thing happened.  Still a bummer, but two lights were left so I was still able to function. As you can probably imagine, it got to the point where there was only one working light bulb in my bathroom. By that time, I was used to the lights being dimmer and had gotten accustomed to doing my hair and makeup in terrible lighting.

Yesterday I walked into by bathroom, yet again, and went to turn on the lights. This time, the lonely little light bulb didn’t flicker to life. All four bulbs were officially burnt out and the room had become almost impossible to function in! Since I had no light bulbs in my house to replace those that had burnt out, I relocated all of my makeup into my walk-in closet.

This morning, as I was standing in my very crowded closet doing my makeup, I looked up to the single light on the ceiling. I thought to myself, “What will I do when that one burns out? How many bulbs is it going to take before I go get more?”

I find that in life, we have many areas similar to burnt out bulbs. It’s easy to let things coast and slide that we know we need to get fixed. How many times have we said that we’ll wake up early to do this or that and end up hitting that snooze button for the millionth time?

Ladies, it’s time. Let’s rise above the tendency to coast in whatever area we want to coast in. If bulbs start to burn out in your quiet time, change them right away! Start a new routine, read a new book, or pick a new time of the day to meet with Jesus. God has called us to be women of purpose-world changers! Let’s not let our lives fade into the darkness of average.

By the way, when I finally got around to changing the bulbs, the difference was night and day. I couldn’t believe how light my bathroom was and how long I had been living in the darkness! Take my advice…change those bulbs!




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