Baby Love

Maria Shinness is one of the awesome pastors on staff of Life Link Church. She has a heart to build relationships across all seasons and is passionate about worship! She loves all things purple (like purple highlights!) and can COOOOOK like no body’s business! We are blessed to have her as part of the team!


When I was asked to write an article about Valentine’s Day, I have to admit, I was a little unsure what to say. Valentine’s Day has not been my favorite holiday. When we are kids the focus is getting to decorate a shoe box, hand out treats, and then come home with a whole stash of goodies. Sweet!! Then when we get into that awkward stage of junior high where we get all weird around boys and do crazy things on Valentine’s Day for their attention. (Leaving us with embarrassing memories we wish we could forget.) Then of course in high school the focus is “who’s dating who” and who gets the biggest bouquet of flowers, ginormous amounts of chocolate, and the most singing telegrams. Moving onto young adulthood, if we don’t have someone to share that special day with then we are left feeling lonely and depressed. See what I mean! Valentine’s Day is not always the most exciting holiday.

And then I had a life change. Jesus showed me what love really meant! It’s not about the romance and the “lovey dovey” feelings. But instead it is a choice. It’s something he wants me to enjoy and be a part of everyday. So I decided, I’m going to change my perspective on Valentine’ Day, the day of love and romance, and focus on how I can make others feel loved the way Jesus makes me feel loved. This is what I want to impart to my family.

Some of the ways we do this is by making our own Valentine’s Day cards. (Now I know right now some of you moms are probably saying, “Yeah right!”) This does take some work and planning, but the payoff is worth it! I’m a busy mom of four kids, which means we make 85-100 cards each year. Yikes!! But I want them to see the importance of taking the time to do something special for others. I get them involved and when the time comes for them to hand out their cards they are usually super excited because they had a part in making them.

My husband and I also try to involve the kids in our “special date”. They may help us plan it, be in on a surprise, help decorate, or become our “restaurant” servers.They love doing this! (Through all the “Ewwws!” and “Gross!” you may hear from your kids when showing affection to one another, they really do love to see their parents in love!)

I try to show my love for my kids on V-Day by doing little things like making their favorite food for dinner, giving them a special treat with a letter telling them what I love about them, taking one of their chores and doing it for them, or having a surprise family outing. I try to think of things that are out of routine and make them feel special.

I have come to find that showing love and appreciation for someone doesn’t have to be grandiose, time consuming, or even expensive. Many times it is the little things that can truly show love. I hope that this Valentine’s Day you are inspired to reflect on the love Jesus has for you and to use that to propel you to find ways to show love to others. Don’t be afraid to “think outside the box” and do something different. Get your family involved and you’ll make memories you won’t forget!

Truly “Purpley” Yours,






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